If you believe that people are the most important capital of your company and the success of your business is in their hands , trust us and we will attract and select the most suitable candidates for positions in your organization .

We can save you time and effort as we plan and organize the entire process of recruitment and selection of candidates and present to you the most suitable ones .
You are only required to determine accurately the requirements to the candidates , terms of employment and working conditions.


Zenith 94 Ltd. is a recruitment and management of human resources agency, licensed by the Ministry of Labour and

Social Policy, Certificate № 1473, valid until 13.07.2017g.

Zenith 94 Ltd workS with a qualified team of specialists and psychologists, with more than 13 years experience in recruitment for various companies and organizations;

We observe strict confidentiality in the process of selection.

We carry out recruitment through a professional network.

We fully protect the confidentiality of any information shared with us by the customer and do not reveal it to third parties.

We fully protect the interests of both firms - our clients and candidates .

We are able to assist your selection of employees for the lowest to the highest-level positions in your organization.

Selection of documents from the data base:
The company has a database of candidates who are actively looking for work at the moment. Our consultants will examine the applications of those who meet the requirements and will contact them to present the vacancy.

We use modern software;

Individual approach to contact applicants

Unique style of work

A team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of human resources

Each job applicant submits: CV, a photo, recommendations (if any), cover letter (if necessary) documents certifying education and qualifications.

Identify potential candidates to be invited for interview

On the basis of the information in the candidates’ CVs about their professional experience, skills and qualifications, and given the requirements set by our clients, we work out a list of candidates to be invited for interview.

Preliminary interview.
The interview is conducted by our consultants who ask specific questions to the candidate, listen carefully the responses received and observe their behavior and reactions in order to gather information. It is an effective tool for determining the experience, knowledge and skills required for performing their duties.

Final interview-presentation
The most suitable candidates meet with a representative of the Employer at a convenient time and place. The interview may be attended by a consultant of ZENITH to assist your selection.

Final assessment and choice are yours

The expected deadline for submitting the approved candidates for the positions depends mainly on the method of selection and the requirements for the position, and ranges from 5 to 30 working days. The average time for performing the contract is 10 working days from the date of signing the contract.

Guarantees and follow-up procedures
In cases when proposed and appointed candidate was dismissed from work within one calendar month , ZENITH is obliged to provide a new candidate for the job , with no extra charge.

Payment methods

30% of the price for each position , payable at the start of the selection campaign

70% of the price for each position, due after selecting the appropriate candidate (within 5 days after the appointment of the candidate )

For more information and signing a contract for recruitment , you are welcome to the offices of Zenith or contact us to receive a contract by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.