Zenith 94 Ltd. Recruitment Agency is a leader in the field of selection, training and qualification of personnel and human resources management !

Zenith 94 Ltd. Vocational Training Center  organizes and conducts professional and foreign language training , distance learning , trainings and seminars !


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We offer consulting services that ensure successful performance for job seekers at interviews with employers and finding a job. One of the directions of our activity is related to the training of job seekers in knowledge and skills for active presence in the labor market, including specific tools for writing a CV and a cover letter, preparation for a job interview and instructions for behavior during interviews,  contacts with employers etc. ,in order to ensure maximum degree of success in seeking and finding employment.

People always pursue a goal and endeavor to realize it , but sometimes their efforts are futile.
Some goals are seen as unattainable, but with competent and correct support, the path to realization is not so complicated.

The team of Zenith , in their capacity of consultants in human resources management, will do their best to help you find the right path and walk it .

Reaching us through different ads for vacancies and deciding to apply, there are several stages which you have to go .
• Preparation of documents for job application
• Interview Preparation
• At the interview