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CVA CV is a brief description of your abilities , education, experience and skills, and it aims to make a presentation for you to be invited for an interview . It includes several key points :

-Personal data : name, date of birth, home address , telephone number, e-mail address and fax number if you have one ;
-Education : school , speciality, qualification, degree , period of training , year of graduating;

Professional experience: Name and activity / if it is not a company secret /of organization for which you worked; your position; main duties and responsibilities in the workplace; period of employment;
Other skills: computer literacy - what software you use; foreign languages - what languages do you speak and at what level; driver's license and other additional courses and qualifications;
It is good to attach also a current business photograph.
Your CV should not be more than two pages long.
Always put the date on your CV and sign it personally!


The purpose of the cover letter is to present you briefly to the employer. It is enclosed in the application documents only if explicitly stated as a requirement in the advert for the vacancy .
By submitting your personal information you aim to convince the employer that your personal and professional qualities are precious to him .
Most cover letters contain three paragraphs :
Short presentation of you and your work experience ;
Brief description of your education and skills ;
Your motivation for applying for the vacancy.

We recommend never to use a sample for your cover letter. Every competition for job and every employer are different, and your purpose is to be admitted.


After the interview

Remember to call the consultant from the recruitment agency who sent you to the interview for feedback . This can be a good way to learn more about the company, which will be useful for the next interview.

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