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Zenith 94 Ltd VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER - Varna is an approved supplier of services by the Employment Agency under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 and has an agreement with the Employment Agency from 01.02.2010, based on Article 7 , paragraph 5 of Decree 251 of the Council of Ministers from 21.10.200
Zenith 94 Ltd VTC conducts professional training in 10 specialities and training in core competencies as follows : English, German and French languages, computer training , human resources management , communication and sales skills in working with clients , entrepreneurship and small company management, informatics and correspondence information technology, working with word processing programs and spreadsheets for advanced and more.


ENGLISH from Level A1 - beginners


Teaching English in Zenith VTC Level A1 is carried through one of the newest English courses

Includes three levels of 100 teaching hours each, a total of 300 teaching hours for the whole course .
Covers three levels A1 to B1 of the Common European Framework.
The course duration is 6 months.
60 hours of absence are allowed for the whole course , which you do not have to provide any justifying document for paid annual leave, hospital sheet or business trip order.

ELEVATOR INTERNATIONAL English course is ideal for anyone looking for clear learning objectives , fast-paced lessons and plenty of interesting material for speaking practice.
Each book contains a CD with interactive exercises , as well as a grammar summary booklet with the grammar of each academic unit .

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Each book has a corresponding workbook with an audio CD.
The book is suitable for both young people and adults.
The meaning of the title is based on the metaphor of upgrading and elevation as an elevator, so each learning unit has 3 floors.
The teaching content enables practical work on the four language skills as well as regular revision and consolidation of the learned material.
Special attention is paid to the productive skills of speaking and writing, according to the established modern international standards.
Particular attention in the book is devoted to the revision of the learned material. For this purpose, every third lesson in the textbook is revision.

Elevator International aims to:
• develop gradually and systematically language competences from level A1 to level B1 of the Common European Framework
• develop skills for communicative and practical use of the language in real life situations
• develop integrated language skills for listening, reading, speaking and writing, simultaneously and proportionately
• build confidence and ease in using the language


Main advantages of the course:
• clear presentation of the new teaching content
• grammar practice
• In-depth work to develop speaking and writing skills with specific expected results
• Frequently used vocabulary
• Contemporary colloquial phrases and idiomatic expressions
• Carefully selected texts from authentic sources for listening and reading
• Systematic revision and monitoring of the progress


English from Level B1 - pre-intermediate to C1 - advanced

Teaching English in Zenith VTC from Level B1 is carried through systems QUICK SMART ENGLISH or OUTCOMES.
Covers three levels / 100 teaching hours each / from B1 to C1 according to the Common European Framework.

In our English courses for advanced learners you will
• learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of situations , will speak more fluently and will improve your communication skills;
• use the language without mistakes as you work on your grammar knowledge and expand your vocabulary ;
• learn how to make contacts with professionals from different fields ;
• learn how to write clearly and in a style appropriate for the intended audience ;
• will improve your pronunciation ;
• will expand your English vocabulary ;

QUICK SMART ENGLISH (QSE) is a communicative and intensive general English course, which consideres also the basic business situations.
It comprises the 4 areas that cover the CEFR: personal, social, educational and employment law.
Although the teaching course is not specifically aimed at preparing for international tests and certificates, there is a clear correlation between the levels of QSE, the Common European Framework and examinations of Cambridge (KET, PET, FCE, CAE); Trinity College, London ESOL (GESE, ISE); TOEFL (New TOEFL); IELTS.
QSE English course was created for training adults who aim to learn to communicate quickly and to develop their communication skills in English.

It develops all 4 language skills ( reading , writing, listening, speaking ) with emphasis on speaking .
The teaching content is organized so that it can be learnt in a different number of classes in various forms of training ( classroom teaching or mixed online training ) with varying workload : intensive , semi-intensive and extended .
The course includes a textbook with a glossary and concisely offered grammar and phrasal accents; workbook ; intermediate tests after each section .